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"Higher always higher, until we reach the glory"
- September 1910, Jorge Chavez Dartnell

We give you a warm welcome to this interactive research work dedicated to the heroic feat of the first Peruvian aviator, Jorge Chavez Dartnell. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive biography of one of the great pioneers of world aviation. The first man to cross the majestic Alps in a fragile airplane in 1910.

On Septembre 23, 2010 we will remember 100 years of the first crossing of the Alps in a plane. With a great demonstration of courage and determination Jorge Chavez steers his plane to the sky, wishing to overcome this great mountain wall represented by the Alps.

Victorious he inspired mankind since the dawn of aviation, at the beginning of the twentieth century, with his famous words: "Higher Always Higher ".


One of the most important milestones in the history of world aviation, comparable to the crossing of the English Channel that brought two countries together and the crossing of the Atlantic that joined two continents; the first aerial crossing of the Alps represented the defeat of the barrier imposed by altitude. Human beings with their wit and skill overcome the geographical and natural obstacles: Water, distance and altitude.

Jorge Chavez as Louis Bleriot and Charles Lindbergh demonstrated that human beings can achieve great things and in this process inspire generations.

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This website/CD-ROM is based on the research work originally published in the interactive CD-ROM "The feat of Jorge Chavez."(La Hazaña de Jorge Chávez) This CD-ROM was officially released on June 13, 2002 (the birth date of Jorge Chavez Dartnell) in the Air War College of the Peruvian Air Force with an attendance of over 450 people.

For more information on the presentation of the CD-ROM "The feat of Jorge Chávez" click here

Available at the Smithsonian Institution Library Catalog: Access

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