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Teniente General FAP Jose Gagliardi SchiaffinoThis work about Jorge Chavez Dartnell, is dedicated with great appreciation to Lieutenant General of the Peruvian Air Force, José Gagliardi Schiaffino. He became General Commander of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) and also State Minister in the Portfolio of Aeronautics and in two ocassions member of the Advisory Council of the Peruvian Air Force. Before he died he had the opportunity to make his recommendations about the cover of the first edition of the compact disc "The feat of Jorge Chavez."

Biography: Lieutenant General, Peruvian Air Force, José Gagliardi Schiaffino (in Spanish)


This new edition is also dedicated to this two persons:

BielovucicThis work is dedicated to Peruvian aviator Juan Bielovucic Cavalié, pioneer of military aviation, who was the second man in the World to cross the impressive Alps, in a Hanriot-Ponnier monoplane on January 25th, 1913, fulfilling the promise he made to his compatriot and friend, engineer and aviator Jorge Chavez Dartnell on his deathbed.

Biography: Juan Bielovucic Cavalié (in Spanish)










This work is also dedicated to Gaston Garreaud Dapello, aviator, artist, inventor, writer, historian, researcher of Jorge Chavez Dartnell’s life. After finishing a magnificent piece of work for us, and after leaving many physical and spiritual testimonials, on December 7, 2005, Gaston Garreaud said goodbye to his beloved ones and as a good aviator and a man of faith, left in a non return flight to find the eternal and true light, there to where we ourselves will also go someday.

Biography: Gastón Garreaud Dapello (in Spanish)

Article: Y Partió Gastón Garreaud Dapello (in Spanish)

Video: Validación histórica a cargo del historiador Gastón Garreaud (in Spanish)







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