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Jorge Chavez bajando de su avionThe best compliment I can give to the publication of this work that I have the honor of writing the prologue, is about the patriotism, the love of aviation and his institution, the Peruvian Air Force, with which its author, Major General Oscar Gagliardi Kindlimann and his son, Oscar Gagliardi Corpancho, co-author, managed and restored concrete and transcendental events in the history of Peru in particular and the world in general, in this new edition of the publication "The feat of Jorge Chavez", with the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of the first aerial crossing of the Alps, it is entitled "Centenary of Jorge Chavez's Heroic Feat - Biographical Compendium.

This work reflects a long professional career, in which shines hours of dedication, reflection and analysis, seeking to reveal a heroic act of great international magnitude, by an eminent Peruvian aviator in the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

It is not my purpose in this prologue to analyze the content of this work. The purpose is to present it and introduce his author, a simple person, patriotic man of great gifts, and a general officer, professional and dedicated, who is making his mark for future generations by highlighting a Peruvian man in the figure of Jorge Chavez Dartnell, as a paradigm of civil and military aviation.

This interactive research work, which I review with great care, is designed and structured with unpublished details of the history of aviation in Peru, recently released, becoming a real source of consultation, and in addition it rescues the core values, the temper, the courage and intellect of the Peruvian inhabitant.

Major General Gagliardi in his writing, highlights one of the greatest moments in our aviation history, and in doing so conveys to his institution, his country and future generations, the revival of the values inherent in the every Peruvian.

The thoroughness, detail and restoration of historic details of the time, rescued in the production of this research work, display the great effort, the time spent, the imagination and creativity, that General Gagliardi and his son, Oscar, have utilized to produce this high quality work, which transmits a Peruvian legacy, bravery and heroism for future generations.

César Gonzalo Luzza
Peruvian Air Force Lieutenant General

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